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Google Pagerank Update

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Google's Matt Cutts broke the news a few days ago on his blog Located Here that we should be noticing the next PR update on our Google tool bar. It seems the Google tool bar is showing the fresh page ranks for all websites at this time.

My social bookmarking website LiveWire News is only two months old but increased from no rank to pr3. Several inner pages increased from no rank to pr1. I did not aggressively build backlinks to the website for a few different reasons. Number one it's a new site, so I wanted to build links slowly as to hopefully avoid the Google sandbox if possible. Two, links look more organic when built slowly over time versus just obtaining thousands of links in a matter of days. Regardless, I can't complain about this update.

I'm interested to see how the updated pagerank affected you and your projects. Did your pagerank increase, stay the same, or decrease? What types of promotion and link building did you focus on?

**Best comment left on this story will receive 20 social bookmarking website submissions for the website, artice, or blog post of your choice.** Winner announced August 1st!

Top 3 Comments Win!
First Place - Your website or blog sent to 20 social bookmarking websites + 1 month Pr 3 sitewide text link on Livewire News
Second Place - 1 month blogroll text link
Third Place - 2 week blogroll text link
Fourth Place - Your blog post dugg & shared with 300+ diggers

For every 10 comments made the prizes will increase.

Entrecard partners with SezWho to get a TON of comments to your blog!

Entrecard announced an exciting partnership today with the introduction of the Entrecard + SezWho partnership! You might be asking yourself.. How does SezWho work and what are the benefits? SezWho is a simple html/javascript plugin that you install into your blog template which enables visitors to your website to receive perks for writing high quality comments to your blog. To really sum up all of the excellent benefits, here is a short list of just some of the benefits by taking part in this new partnership.

  • Listing on the Entrecard website as “comment-enabled” which will increase the amount of visitors you receive
  • Posting high quality comments on other blogs will earn you up to 10 free credits per comment
  • Installing SezWho on your blog will increase the comments posted on your blog posts
  • Receive higher quality & relevant comments on your posts

The comments you make on other SezWho installed blogs on EntreCard will earn you credits on a sliding scale. Depending on how your comments get rated (1-5 stars) will determine how many credits you receive for the posting. You can earn anywhere from 1 credit to 10 credits per post on a SezWho enabled blog. You can write up to 15 comments per day for credits, so you can earn an extra 150 EntreCard Credits for doing what we all love to do, commenting on well written high quality blog posts!

For a more in depth view on what SezWho does check out this video which will explain everything you need to know: SezWho Demo Video

SezWho Registration is easy, you can sign-up right from your dashboard inside your EntreCard Account. Installation is a breeze as it literally took me less than a minute to install into my blog here. The credits you earn will show up into your EntreCard account 24 hours after they have been published. The 24 hour wait is in place to determine exactly how many credits you will earn from your comment. Depending on how your comment rates based on other members voting, the more credits you earn.

Keep in mind that the owner of the blog has a higher “clout” meaning their opinion of your comment matters most. Keep your comment on key and relevant and you should have no problems receiving the higher credit amounts for your comments.

Maximize the credits you earn

Write comments that are on topic, relevant, are thought provoking and unique, and show that you actually took the time to read the entire post. The main two benefits I see from this partnership is the comment quality should improve, as well as increase the amount of comments you receive. To put this in better perspective here is an excerpt from the Entrecard website regarding the new partnership:

Little Clarification: What this is Vs. What this isn’t

“This is NOT a call to go comment when you haven’t read a post, or a plea to leave comments that have little or no value. That’s called spam and it has no place in our system. Commenting is perhaps the single most powerful strategy to drive traffic to your blog -when you do it right. Comments that are contrived or spammy will only hurt you and your brand, and they sure won’t earn you any credits.”

Together EntreCard & SezWho will help revolutionize the blogging industry.


Do-Follow Search Engines

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Searching for do-follow blogs can be quite the hassle, fortunately there are several places that make this tedious task a little more enjoyable. First you may ask yourself, what are do-follow blogs? Do-follow blogs are blogs which pass link juice through the comments section of the blog. This is useful for building up quality back links to your website or blog, which in turn, will improve your position in Google and the other major search engines.

On top of just providing back links, using do-follow blogs in your internet marketing and website promotion portfolio will also help you obtain higher rankings in the search engines. When using do-follow blogs to build back links you must understand what anchor text means. Anchor text is the text which you click on to go to the link you use when entering your website URL in the comments section. Why is this important? Search engines use this anchor text to determine which keywords your website shows up under in the search results. To effectively use do-follow blogs to their full potential, use anchor text which is relevant and use the terms which you are interested in improving your position in the search results.

To help speed up the process of finding do-follow blogs, try using these do-follow search engines to find relevant blogs in your niche market or website category.

U Comment I Follow

Here is one more excellent tip to find do-follow blogs relatively quickly:

Head on over to Google and use the image search with the search string “U Comment I Follow”

Many do-follow blogs use the u comment I follow image on their websites to make visitors aware they pass link juice through their comments section. Try using it with the quotations and without. One more trick to try is adding your website category to the string to target websites in your niche.

I found a good website with an excellent write up on this technique here:


Always remember to NOT spam the comments sections of these websites. This will render your work useless as they will just delete your comment spam.

Five Free Internet Marketing Techniques

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Marketing your website, blog, or any other online content can take hours of hard work and many different techniques. Several of these marketing techniques are free and can drive thousands of high quality targeted visitors and back links to your sites within just a few short days. In this article we take a quick look at five of these free techniques and show you how you can utilize them to create a stream of visitors in any niche market.

#1 – Article Marketing

You can easily drive targeted traffic to your content by utilizing this very simple technique. You have the choice of writing your own articles that relate to your niche which enables you to receive traffic that is targeted and interested in your content. You can also hire freelance writers to write the articles for you from websites such as elance.com for any price range. The key here is to add your signature at the bottom of the article, which in turn will direct visitors to your website. The best place to utilize this technique is ezineartcles.com

The most important part of this technique is writing good quality content so that others will “syndicate” your articles on their websites and blogs. What this does is add quality backlinks and visitors directly to your website from these websites that syndicated your article. Ezinearticles.com requires websites who use your article to keep your signature at the end of the article and this is a free and highly effective tool in your internet promotion and web marketing arsenal.

#2 – Social Bookmarking Websites

Today there are literally thousands of these types of websites, and when used correctly, this technique can drive quite a bit of traffic in a matter of hours. An easy way to find these websites is to search GOOGLE with a search string such as “top social bookmarking sites”. Remember to always tag your bookmarks with relevant tags in the proper categories and provide an entertaining summary that will attract viewers to click on the bookmark. Some of the more popular social bookmarking & social networking websites include:


I also run a social bookmarking site that is increasing in popularity by the day. My site can be found here: www.livewirenews.net

#3 – Social Networks

Social networks have always been a good place to promote your website, products, articles, music, and more. Myspace.com revolutionized the social networking scene and boasts millions of members. The main thing to remember when promoting on social networks is to not spam. This is the easiest way to get banned from these websites. Posting bulletins to your friends list will enable you to effectively market and promote your content to your friends list. In turn, if they find this information valuable, entertaining, or interesting, they may decide to send out bulletins of their own. This could create a snowball effect of free advertising that could spread quite fast and produce hundreds or even thousands of quality visitors as it spreads across the social networks.

Try looking around in the forums to find people interested in what you have to offer and create a post that answers there questions but also gives them your website as a resource or for extra information. This will help you remain spam-free and allow you to offer an answer to their questions while still promotion your specific content.

#4 – Trackback

This is a less known technique which is effective in getting your website quality back links while providing a service to the members of your website. Trackback is basically a backlink to your site created when you blog or post information and link to a blog. Trackback can be found on thousands of blogs across the internet and searching google with a search string of “trackback”. Some blogs do delete these if they are totally unrelated or automated spam, which is 100% expected. Remember quality content drives visitors! Usually a blog will have a trackback url on their blog or posts which you will use in your post to create the trackback url and free back link. This technique is a valuable tool for internet marketing and is highly successful if used correctly.

#5 – Do-Follow Blogs

When you do blog comment marketing, the first thing to remember is that all back links are NOT created equal. There are two different types of back links and it’s important that you utilize the correct backlinks or the hours of work you put in for promotion will be effectively useless. No-follow links are the back links you want to avoid. Most blogs as standard template design will use no-follow links in the comments section of their website. Your job is to find websites that use Do-follow links which search engines will follow and use as back links for your website. These back links will make your authority rating for the search engines such as Google higher, which in turn will help you obtain higher rankings in the search engines.

There are a few simple techniques to use when trying to find these Do-follow blogs. Open up www.google.com and search for ““Comments links could be nofollow free” This is a plugin that allows blogs to convert their comments to Do-follow links which is what you are looking for.

One more search string is to search for “comment luv” which is a wordpress plugin that does the exact same thing. Although most of these sites will be Do-follow links some just say it as to gain more comments. To find out if it’s a do-follow link in the firefox browser is easy. To check if it’s a do-follow comment link try the following:

1. Open Firefox and head over to the blog your interested in obtaining a comment back link from.

2. Hover over the name of one of the names of someone who has already commented on the article. Look in the bottom left hand corner of your screen to see which website they linked to.

3. Hit ctrl + u to open up the source of the website

4. Hit ctrl + f to search this source for the name of their linked website.
A no-follow link will be listed as:

a href="http://jarwadi.wordpress.com/" onclick="" rel="nofollow"

The part here you need to look at is the rel="nofollow" – As this means this backlink will be relatively useless.. unless the blog has enough visitors as to where you receive traffic just from people clicking on your name.

The type of link you’re looking for to promote and market is listed as: rel="external"

Utilizing these marketing and promotional techniques will take your website or blog to a whole new level and enable you to capture the top money making spots in the major search engines.

Social Bookmarking - Top Bookmarking Sites, Tools, and Services

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Social Bookmarking began back in 1996 when itList launched, since then hundreds more have popped up and now you can find social bookmarking sites for almost any niche market. Social bookmarking is essentially an online place to store your bookmarks, which you can tag, summarize, and submit to the various bookmarking sites. Most online bookmarking sites are public, meaning when you post your bookmark anyone that searches for the tags you used when you created the bookmark can find it. This is what makes social bookmarking an excellent tool for internet marketing, website promotion, blog marketing etc. When utilizing social bookmarks in select targeted niche categories you can drive quality highly targeted visitors to the blog, website, article or any online page you are promoting. Social bookmarking is free, so you can receive hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted visitors in a short amount of time if you utilize these websites to their full potential.

The most popular online bookmarking sites include Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon, and Reddit. This list is just a short sample of the many bookmarking sites available.

To find thousands of these types of websites just open up Google and use search strings such as these:

"Social bookmarking sites"

"Popular social bookmarking websites"

"Social bookmarking lists"

"Automated social bookmarking tools"

These simple search strings should allow you to find the most popular and widely used bookmarking sites. If you're interested in targeting select niche categories you can simple add your category at the beginning of each search string. For example, if you're interested in submitting a bookmark that is related to science you might try searching for "science social bookmarking sites".

One of the advantages of using these services include creating back links for your websites and blogs, Google and other search engines use back links to determine the position you rank in the search engine and under what search terms. Using these social bookmarks is an extremely easy way to create quality backlinks pointing back to your work. To utilize these services correctly always make sure to place your bookmark in the correct category as you will not only receive traffic from search engines from using social bookmarking sites, but also from the other visitors to the bookmarking sites.

Digg.com is by far the largest of the bookmarking websites. If you create high quality content you can easily receive thousands of votes and visitors just from this website alone. It is not unheard of and happens frequently, especially if you get enough votes to reach the front page. A good tip to maximize the potential of digg is to acquire as many friends as possible. Add other members of the website and they will have the chance to befriend you and become a "mutual friend". What this does is allow you to "shout" out your bookmark to all of the people who have added you as a mutual friend, giving you instant votes for your bookmark. The more votes you receive and the more popular your submission becomes will enable you to move up the ranks and hit the high traffic areas of the website such as the "upcoming hot news" or "most popular stories" pages. These tips should help you create a high quality stream of free visitors to your content in no time.